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The website downloads little text files (known as ‘cookies’) to your computer in order to collect information about your browsing habits on the site.

Cookies are little text files containing a string of characters that can be installed on your computer or mobile device to identify your browser or device. Cookies can be used to collect information about you and your browsing habits. Cookies allow us to determine whether or not your computer or device has previously visited the site. They assist us in better understanding how the site is being used, assist you in more efficiently navigating between pages, assist us in remembering your preferences, and overall improve your surfing experience.

Cookies assist us in remembering which notifications you have received and in making our general communications more relevant to you and your interests by storing information about you. It is possible to tell when this policy was last changed by looking at the ‘last modified date’ at the bottom of this page. Any changes to the way in which your cookie data is treated will be promptly reflected in this policy and will become effective immediately for you and your information. If any of these changes have an impact on how your data is processed, the website team will take reasonable steps to notify you of the changes.

Accepting all cookies through our website banner activates the cookie settings that are indicated as optional on the settings page (that is, those that are not strictly obligatory’) on the settings page. The duration of your activation of all optional cookies is three months, after which the banner will show again. This provides you with the option to revisit and alter your decision on a frequent basis. On the website of the Information Office, you may learn more about how to handle cookies, including how to delete and block them. For more information on how we secure and process your information, please check our Privacy Statement.

Cookies that are absolutely important

These cookies perform functions such as remembering your preferences and the choices you make, allowing you to have a more personalised experience while using the website.

Message about cookies

When you visit the website, you may be presented with a banner that invites you to accept cookies or to modify your settings. We’ll set cookies on your computer so that it knows you’ve seen it and won’t show it to you again, as well as to remember your preferences.