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It takes a small percentage of every bet made at all online casinos worldwide and puts it into a rising jackpot. A win is triggered by a certain symbol or symbols on the reels. Recent trends combine multiple games into one progressive jackpot. This is in Age of the Gods, DC Super Heroes, and Kingdoms Rise. With Mega Moolah, the record-breaking progressive jackpot paid out over 21 million pounds. Visit UK’s progressive jackpot page to learn more about the finest progressive online slots.


Here are some crucial terms for online slot players to know.

  • Auto Spin: Most online slots allow you to set the system to play up to 100 consecutive spins without changing the bet. You can usually establish a “Loss Limit” to avoid going over budget.
  • These extra features can be triggered at random or by landing many bonus or scatter symbols. Free spins, pick-and-click games, additional reels with different symbols, and more.
  • Unlike a progressive jackpot, which grows with each spin, a fixed jackpot has a fixed payment.
  • The multiplier increases the size of a win. A £2 win with a 3x multiplier is worth £6.
  • Every online slot game has a minimum and maximum bet per spin.

Based on thousands of games, RTP is the average expected return to a player. The average RTP is 96.5 percent, so if you bet $100, you should expect to win $96.50. It’s worth noting that the RTP doesn’t guarantee you’ll win 96.5 percent of the time, but that’s the average return for all players.

These are the two main sorts of slots. To win a game with a fixed number of paylines, symbols must be aligned on that payline. A win in a grid, or Ways to Win system, requires only matching symbols on neighbouring rows.

Payment: The more symbols in a row, the larger the payout.

Reels: This is from one-armed bandits that had three reels with symbols on them. Online slots don’t actually employ reels, but they use the terminology.

This symbol pays off without requiring a payline or adjacent reels. Rarely appearing scatter symbols can trigger a bonus round.

Volatility (also known as variance) measures whether a slot machine pays out small wins frequently or big wins less frequently. High volatility games are riskier than low volatility games since they pay out less frequently.

Wild: It can replace any regular symbol to win. Depending on the game, some wild symbols can expand or multiply.


Many UK players consider bonuses and incentives when choosing an online casino. Best incentives for new and returning players at UK. Find today’s slot game-specific bonus on our bonus page.

Occasionally, a popular game, sporting event, holiday, or even day of the week will inspire a promotion. See the promotions page for current offerings.


Playtech, NetEnt, Blueprint, Microgaming, and other prominent casino game providers are represented at UK. All of these slots games may be played on Android and iOS smartphones. Some games require portrait or landscape mode, while others can be played either way. Mobile games meet our high standard of excellence, so you can anticipate high-quality graphics and animations without lag.


With hundreds of online slot games, each one unique, it’s easy to get confused about the rules or characteristics of a particular game. There are two basic techniques to find answers:

There is a full help menu in every game that covers every facet of the game. The paytable, additional features, odds, and even your betting history can be found by clicking on the “Hamburger” button for some games and the “?” icon for others.

Customer Support: If you have a technical query, or need help with depositing or withdrawing funds, our Customer Support Team is available 24/7. Availablity: Live Chat and Phone


Q: How do you win at slots?

A: To win in online slots, the symbols must land in a specific formation. Some features and jackpots are awarded at random, however this varies every game.

Online slots remember me?

A: Most online slots have a year’s memory. Important in games like Ghostbusters: Level Up Plus (10 levels) and Kingdoms Rise where you can win unique coins to spend on bonuses at the “Store.”


A: Any winning combination of symbols will result in a reward based on the symbol’s value. The paytable is usually based on the line bet rather than the total bet. The reward will be £100 instead of £2,000 if you get 5 symbols in a row with a payout of 100x on a 20 payline game.

So what is a Flat Top?

A: Unlike progressive slots, Flat Top machines offer a fixed top jackpot.

Is online gambling rigged?

No, UK is regulated and licenced in the UK. This algorithm ensures the slot game conforms to the predetermined odds and RTP.

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